Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Is what we call getting almost 2000 hits with only 4 days into this challenge!!
Thanks so much to all who are participating! You guys totally are rockin this challenge!!!
It has been so much fun reading people's honest opinions!!! So many different views and we love them all!!! We promise this is only a glimpse at the fun there is to come with this challenge.
Just to "clear the air" on some questions- a quick post!!!
~First off, you DO NOT have to have a blog in order to participate!! We are just simply saying that if you do have a blog, and want it linked to this post please email it to us at thisismejournal@hotmail.com. It is very very important at this point that you email it to us- don't just comment with it. That is because we are trying to develop a "system" on keeping up better on who's blog is linked and who's isn't. So if you want your blog linked ~ it is not a problem~ just shoot us a quick email with the address!!
~Challenges will be posted on Mon. and Thur. *Central time, US*
~To ensure that your page/cover gets posted, please comment on the appropriate post with a link to your cover/page. We are asking that you comment on the "IMHO" post for your IMHO pages and the "The Cover." post for your covers. Again, organizational issues. This challenge is really challenging our {lack of} orginizational skills!
~There is no certian time that you have to "join" in on this challenge. So, if you are someone that has just "happened" upon this blog and you want in, just go ahead and get started! Then, if you want your page posted, link it to a comment and we will get it on the slide! We update the slide several times a day, so keep checking back!! Also, if you can, post "This is Me Challenge" on your pages when you post them on SIS or 2Peas!That way, others can see this blog and join us in the fun!!!
~ If there are any other questions, please comment on this post and we will get them answered!
Thanks and Have fun!!!


nessa said...

thank you for all the answers!!
i've just one question: do you know how much challenges there will be? just to know is my book is big enough!!!!
big lub
for the answer:vanessa.colant@gmail.com

you're so so great girls!! i love all what you done for us!!!

Maureen & Holly said...

WE are not too sure Vanessa!

{nessa} said...

ok thankssssssssssssss