Sunday, November 25, 2007

If you were stranded on an island...

what would you want to have? You can do it Holly & Kate style (and list 5 things) or Jennifer style (and list 10 things!)... and we don't mean like stranded forever, you know where you might want to have your kid, Bible or other serious things... but if you were stranded for only a little while... kind of like a vacation from the world. Just you and an island.... This should be fun!!!
We will be posting again next Monday. Thanks for all your support! We think you all are super cool. We don't plan on ending any time soon, so if you need to, just get another journal or add pages to your journal. And, you can join in at any time and do whichever of the challenges you want. That is why we keep them all on the blog.... so you can start whenever you want! Happy Journalling...





Mandy said...

Hi there,
Loved the challenge!
Here's mine:

Love, Mandy

Sharmaine said...

And mine is here:


Dawn Lindstrom said...

Here is my little oasis.

Tracy W said...

here's mine:

My story about Deaf said...

hi girls!

here is mine

Dalovely Damanda said...

Here's mine:

So Fun!