Friday, August 31, 2007

Your Ultimate Mixed Tape.

Since Monday is Labor Day, and we are croppin' together tonight, we decided to go ahead and post our Challenge for Monday tonight!
This challenge is Journal Your Ultimate Mixed Tape!
A mixed tape that includes random-and some off the wall songs that you love to rock out to!!!
And, don't fret over catching up... we will not post again until Thur. when the lovely Silje will challenge us with something really fun!!!! Have a great {long} weekend!!!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Daily Drive (or ride)...

What's it like for you?? We decided it might be fun to do a page about our daily drive to town! Which for us, is always fun with toddlers!! So, do a page about your daily drive (or ride!)....
This should be interesting. *****UPDATE! If you don't have a "drive" we figure you must go into town at some point! Journal about that!!! Get creative*******
Also, as some of you guessed we are SO proud to announce that our guest designer/challenger next week is one fabulous, creative, colorful scrapper, Silje!!!
Alright, girls... let's get scrappy!!!



Monday, August 27, 2007

*It's All Fun and Games...*

Next Thur. we will have our first ever guest oh*so*creative* artist to give us all a challenge.
We will (at random times) post hints here!!!
Feel Free to comment with a guess!!! Happy Scrappin!!!!! :)

~She luvs being a SISter! {and is a semi-new SISter}
~She has cute dimples!
~Has a cutie dog.
~Has a very cool old(er) car.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We figure it HAS to be Monday somewhere...

Since we will be out of pocket tomorrow, thought we would go ahead and post tomorrow's journaling topic!!!


Here it is!

Journal your FFOTM.

That is your Favorite Friend Of The Moment!!!

Here are ours!!
Have fun! See you Thur. Make sure to post your links on this comment!!! Sometimes we don't see them on the messageboards, etc. So drop us a quick comment here with a link to your layout! If you emailed us a link to your blog, give us a day or so and they will be up! Thanks for participating.... We Luv You All.



Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is your...

here are ours, what are yours? Have fun!

I hope that you all have a great time with this one. Can't wait to see your pages. Maureen & Holly!
PS. Don't forget to post the links to your hobby page in the comment section of this post only. And that it is not too late to join in the fun (let your friends know), there is not that much to catch up on. Just Email your blog & previous posts to us and we will get them added. ( M

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Is what we call getting almost 2000 hits with only 4 days into this challenge!!
Thanks so much to all who are participating! You guys totally are rockin this challenge!!!
It has been so much fun reading people's honest opinions!!! So many different views and we love them all!!! We promise this is only a glimpse at the fun there is to come with this challenge.
Just to "clear the air" on some questions- a quick post!!!
~First off, you DO NOT have to have a blog in order to participate!! We are just simply saying that if you do have a blog, and want it linked to this post please email it to us at It is very very important at this point that you email it to us- don't just comment with it. That is because we are trying to develop a "system" on keeping up better on who's blog is linked and who's isn't. So if you want your blog linked ~ it is not a problem~ just shoot us a quick email with the address!!
~Challenges will be posted on Mon. and Thur. *Central time, US*
~To ensure that your page/cover gets posted, please comment on the appropriate post with a link to your cover/page. We are asking that you comment on the "IMHO" post for your IMHO pages and the "The Cover." post for your covers. Again, organizational issues. This challenge is really challenging our {lack of} orginizational skills!
~There is no certian time that you have to "join" in on this challenge. So, if you are someone that has just "happened" upon this blog and you want in, just go ahead and get started! Then, if you want your page posted, link it to a comment and we will get it on the slide! We update the slide several times a day, so keep checking back!! Also, if you can, post "This is Me Challenge" on your pages when you post them on SIS or 2Peas!That way, others can see this blog and join us in the fun!!!
~ If there are any other questions, please comment on this post and we will get them answered!
Thanks and Have fun!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007




Ok girls, here is the first challenge!! Journal "In My Honest Opinion!" You can express your honest opinion about one thing (like Maureen did about gas prices!) or a lot of things (like Holly did- about Tupac, Britney, her sister (("M")) and other topics!)... Whatever is on your mind at the moment!!! Don't forget to date your page so you will always remember that this was your honest opinion about something going on today!

And just so you know, this is not necessarily the order wer are going in in our books, we skip around!!! So just put this in your book wherever you feel the urge!!!

Go ahead and do it, then comment back to let us link it!

~If you are participating and we haven't linked your blog over to the right, and you want us to, pleae EMAIL us with your blog!!! With almost 1000 hits in 2 days it has been harder than expeced to keep up!! Not that we are complaining....

**UPDATE*** Please post links to your IMHO pages in the comment section of THIS POST! That way we can make sure we get it into slides!! Please post COVER links on the comment section of the COVER POST below!! Thanks, H&M

oh, and if you hit the little (-) sign on the slide, it will go slower so you can see all the pages!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The countdown begins....

There were a few questions, so we thought we would post some answers!
Anyone can play. We are not a stickler for rules, this is just a blog for inspiration!!! Oh and fun!
We are doing our books 9x11. You can pick your size. On our covers we used Love, Elsie ... because Holly and Maureen LOVE ELSIE. But do yours however you want. We just want you to post a link to your cover so we can all join in the fun!! And somewhere in the title it would be cool if you used "this is me" so maybe other scrappers will join in. Digi is allowed. Like we said, just have fun!
The first "challenge" will be posted on Monday along with our fabulous example pages from our books. This has been a blast and brought us closer as friends, so we urge you to get some friends to play along with you! It is lots of fun and laughs!
Holly and Maureen

PS Thanks for the overwhelming support!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Cover.

Holly's Cover

Maureen's Cover
Comment here to let us know you are in. Please include your Blog if you want it linked to the challenge! And, then, comment back with a link to your cover!