Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sara is this weeks guest designer because she emailed me with this FABULOUS idea for a This is ME! Page!!!

So today's topic is


Oh my gosh was this fun!!! Ella got me this huge yellow purse for Mother's Day and you never ever know what is going to be in there!! So, this was so awesome.

Maureen did not get me her page, she has been super busy. So, here are mine and Sara's and she will get her's posted tomorrow!!!

If you have an idea for a topic email us @ and You, too could be come America's Next Top Challenger.. :)


Sara's {Thanks so much!!}

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Call it what you will.

Call them them habits... rituals, whatever..
Just journal Five things about you that are "must {or must not} do's!"
Have fun!
Holly and Maureen

Oh, This really cool girl PM'd me on SIS with and AWESOME idea for a page so Thur. we will have a guest challenger with an awesome awesome page idea!! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation. ~ George Bernard Shaw

And we quote "Journal a quote... or two."
Have fun!!!
Holly and Maureen

Sunday, September 16, 2007

They say laughter is the best medicine...

so who do you love to get a dose of???

~Journal your favorite funny person {they can be your spouse, coworker, friend, a famous person, heck maybe you even crack yourself up!} !

So far these journals are HOTT!!!!
We will be having a guest challenger coming up- stay tuned!!!
Maureen and Holly



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We love to spread the love...

For this journal challenge, we challenge you to this-
Date a page for today {or the day you do the challenge} and just start listing the things you love that day....
Here are ours, from July 20. We did them together @ a crop. And, we both loved so many things that it took up 2 pages!!!
Have fun!!!

By the way, if you happen to be at Scrapfest in Mandeville, LA this weekend- stop by the Snap & Scrap booth and say "what's up" to Maureen and see her journal!!! :)



Sunday, September 9, 2007

We laugh in the face of fear.

Wow! Your secrets totally rock!!
We are loving all the pages....

Today's challenge is easy.... laugh in the face of fear.
Journal a fear. It can be a major big scary fear or just something quirky that freaks you out!
Have fun and we can't wait to see your pages!!!



Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*The Secret is out...*

So, the cat's outta the bag. Silje is challenging us to journal a secret. Now, how deep you get is up to you- it can be a silly secret or a serious secret (we prefer to keep it light, personally!) just do whatever comes to mind!! Have fun.
Thanks to Silje, who we just adore!!!!!! Someone else will be playing along soon..... if you have an idea for a challenge be sure to email it to us~we may just ask you to be a part of this super fun challenge blog!!!!!


Ok, finally have a second to sit down and add my secrets. I did a not so serious one and a more serious one. Hee. (and I think that Holly's secret is to darn funny.) Maureen

Maureen's(both of the above!)

JUST TO CLEAR THE AIR ABOUT THE SLIDES- Sometimes it is hard for us to backtrack several posts back and get the slides updated. We really just have to focus on the current two posts. So, if you notice your layouts are not getting added to the slides, feel free to email us about it and we will post them when we can. Also, if you link to a layout on 2peas, and it has more than one view (like a little mini-slideshow thing) we can't right click and save it, therefore we can't post it on the slide. We have no problems with layouts linked to SIS. So, don't get your feelings hurt if your layout does not make it to the slide as long as you comment with a link to it, others can go to that link and view it!!! Thanks :)