Monday, February 4, 2008

Color Me Badd

Ok, so this prompt has NOTHING to do with Color Me Badd, the 90's wannabe rappers! Just thought that would stir some memories and get a good laugh out of some.
Today we want you to journal about your favorite color!!! (or colors)
Have fun.





Dalovely Damanda said... you have that song "I Wanna S%x You Up" stuck in my head!!! hahaha ;) Great topic...I'm off to scrap!

Anonymous said...

i'm the first one!!


Pegasus said...

So many choices with this one. I finally got my inspiration and went with it! Hope you like it.

Michelle (ravenea) said...

Once again this was super fun! Thanks for hosting this challenge! Here is my favorite color page:

Sunnymommie said...

here mine:

Veronica said...

dudes, who won the last rak cause I never sent them one...I need an email. :) Thanks

Gloria said...

I hope you like this layout .I just found your blog I love it.Thanks Gloria

Jan said...

Here's my "colorful" page!

Favorite Color(s)

Tracy W said...

Here's mine:
I saw a Color Me Badd cd at the library yesterday, cracked me up!

Laina Lamb said...

finally done and scanned!
my fav color

Sharmaine said...

My behind is behind!!
Finally did this today, sooo simple but I just didn't get to it till today!
Thanks guys :)

Dalovely Damanda said...

just catching up!

my colors