Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's journal about...

WEDDINGS! Have you had one? Have you had three? Do you want to have one? What is your dream wedding? Why do you not suggest having one? Whatever your take on weddings is... we want to see it!!! Have fun with this one!


Holly's (and no you are not stuck in a time warp. I was not married on May 20,2008 *there wasn't one yet!* Haha I was married on May 20, 1998 and just noticed the mistake!!! Oh well, it shows you all just how crazy I am!)



tallynt said...

I am so so so close to be totally and completely all caught up. Only one prompt left to go. Woo hoo

I flipped through my album tonight and I absolutely adore it - take a look at how fat it is.

And here is my current layout - Borthwick Castle.

Thanks for the great prompts. =)

Dalovely Damanda said...

love this one!

Mrs Dude said...

"We got married in a fever...
hotter than a pepper sprout..."

I've been wanting so badly to join in with these challenges... I love looking through all the different versions people send in of each challenge! I might just have to do a wedding page like this... since we don't have any photos of our umm... MARRIAGE day and did not have a wedding... it'll at least be SOMETHING!!

weebbt said...

Here's Mine:

And Tracy, I'm proud of you for having your album all together. I really need to do that! My pages are in a pile. A cute pile, but still.

Anonymous said...

here's mine!
all caught up!


Jan said...

Here's my wedding page - finally! :)

To Thee I Wed

Sharmaine said...

My page and album to date photo are here :)
Thanks, as always!!

YvetteDownunder said...

Here is mine ... such a long time ago!