Monday, March 24, 2008

Dear Mr. President...

Today, we welcome guest artist Tracy who's been with us from day one
doing the challenges!! So everyone pay Tracy a big HELLO!
Today we know this is a little controversial, but we are challenging you to journal about
"If I had one hour with the current US President, I would ask him ____"
Please no political bashing of your fellow scrapbookers, everyone is
entitled to their own opinion. We do urge you to speek up and
tell him what you are really thinking! We double dog dare you.
**Also, I am turning the comments back on so you can link your pages to
this post, however, comments about the size of my butt, while somewhat hillarious,
are not welcome at this time. Thanks Holly**





weebbt said...

Totally McLovin' these!
Hey Tracy!

weebbt said...