Monday, March 31, 2008

What is something that you think everyone should try at least once?

Today we want you to journal something that you think everyone should try at least once! Sorry for the late , things have been crazy lately! Enjoy. :)

Also, this week we welcome our guest designer, Tracy.



Anonymous said...

At Digital Candy you can join their
on-going monthly “Book of Me” challenge,
with challenges to scrap about
things like your favorite childhood
toy, your current wardrobe, or music
favorites. Digital Design Divas and also host
monthly “Book of Me” challenges as
well. Scrapbook Graphics offers a biweekly
“Alphabet Shoot” challenge,
an interesting challenge which combines
the concepts of “ABC” albums
and “Book of Me.” If you are interested
in documenting your life from
the very beginning, Sweet Shoppe
Designs has recently launched a “Tell
your Story” challenge, which prompts
you to scrap the story of your life, starting
with your own birth story. The Digi
Chick offers a similar “All about Me”
challenge focused on scrapping your
life story as well.
If you are interested in finding out about
other active “All about Me” challenges,
check out this thread at DST.

Maureen & Holly said...

Save the spam for your sandwiches. Thanks!


Hey girl..
Playing catch up

Revenant said...

First time attempt!

Anonymous said...

Ok, here is my first "This is me" --> Goin' Down! Love it!!


Great's mine

dynamomomof2 said...

I just did my first challenge!!

Dalovely Damanda said...

don't ya just hate Spam Sandwiches?!? BLECH! haha

HEY LADIES! We miss you! Hope all is ok! The challenges are missed too. Take care and hope to see you here soon!

- Amanda

anne_rausminiu said...

hi hi
here is mine