Monday, June 30, 2008

Cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hotsauce. "What's in your fridge?"

Ok. So we are back and ready to journal! We will miss sweet
Kate, but she is unable to participate this time around. Hopefully she
will join in soon!
So, it's easy... we will post prompts with sweet guest designers
every other Monday night.... beginning TONIGHT with the
sweetest guest designer, ever. *In my opinion*
All we ask is that you comment here with a link to your page
so that others will know you are playing along and we can
see your delish pages! If you want to keep them private that
is OK too! But comment so we will know who all is playing
along! Thank you to all those that asked we come back!
Nice to know we are inspiring people to journal more
about themselves!
Today's journal prompt was inspired by one of my questions of the day
over at SIStv. The prompt is
"What's In Your Fridge?"
and our guest designer non other than:
MRS. KRISTINA CONTES! herself.*gasp* who says:
"being married to a chef, you would think we have all sorts of deliciousness going on in our refrigerator. truth be told, we have nothing. some ouzo in the freezer and a lot of dairy products. i guess all the good stuff is in the fridge at work?? regardless, while there aren't many wonderful things on the inside, there are some lovely things on the out. things that make me smile every morning when i get the coffee. so i decided to document those too. that's me. all about making the best of what i got, ya know??
thanks holly for inviting me, this was a super fun challenge!"
And, I say, "No, thank you KC for all the inspiration!" Love,Holly






Thursday, June 26, 2008

On your marks... get set...

GO! We will be starting back up this Monday- June 30 with a very very special suprised guest!! It is going to be big... so get a book and get ready!